institutStudent Center, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta Student Press Activity Unit (INSTITUT) Held Creative Productive Online Media Talkshow, in the student center hall, Wednesday, (11/30). This event presents three speakers who became a practitioner of online media, and they are Valeria Nisatama (Young Entrepreneurs), Nada Fatikhatuz Zaqiyah (Selebgram), Mirza Harera (Copy writer).

The event was inaugurated by vice rector of student affair, Prof Dr Yusran Razak MA. In his remarks, Yusran expressed about the importance creativity, one of them through writing in the online media that have been commonly used for many purposes such as the business, politics, and the socialization.

“This activity is very much needed by students to become the productive and creative person by using online media,” he said.

Meanwhile, from the explanation from each speaker, all agreed that the online media has a major role in supporting the business and profession of the users. Valeria, for example, she claimed that the development of online media could help her in marketing her product.

“By using the online media, we can deliver the information about our product to the public very quickly, wherever they are,” she said.

The talkshow which becomes a mandatory for the candidates Member of LPM INSTITUT attracts the interest of many participants. “The theme is suitable for this moment,” said Ismatuz Zulfa, Pharmacist Professional Study Program students, who also participated in this event. (ika p/umar)

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