Rectorate building, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta Institute for Research and Community Service (LP2M) officially launch Article Writing and Publishing Grants for Professor Program. It is marked with the issuance of the authorized budget signed by the Rector of UIN Jakarta, Prof Dr Dede Rosyada MA, Monday, (10/10).

The head of LP2M Prof Dr Arskal Salim GP MA explained this program is intended to facilitate the Professors who has written in Indonesia, but have not been translated into English, or have written in English but never edited before.

“To support the program, LP2M propose to the university to provide 15 Million Rupiahs for the translation and copy edit process. Once considered appropriate, the article will be published in an international journal,” said Arskal after he met with the Rector of UIN Jakarta in the rectorate building on Monday, (10/10).

With this program, he continues, it was expected that the Professors publish their articles in the International Journal every year.

“We hope that there will be more research products of UIN Jakarta that can be accessed internationally with the emergence of the English articles.” He added

Currently, there were five professors of UIN Jakarta who have received this grant, and the opportunity is still open for five other professors.

For the translation, the doctoral graduates from Melbourne University explained that the process is quite open.

“The translation can be done through English Education study program, English Language study program, UIN Jakarta Language Development Center, or professional translator outside of UIN Jakarta. This is not an easy job, and it takes time and skills.” He said.

For the copy edit process, it will be conducted by the experts from English-speaking countries.

“It can also be helped with our visiting professors or research fellow who is interested in their article.  They could be a peer reviewer before the article is being sent to international journals.” He added.

As information, five professors who earn the initial grants are Prof Dr Masykuri Abdillah from the Faculty of Sharia and Law, Prof Dr Asep Usman Ismail MA from the Faculty of Da’wa and Communication, Prof Dr H Abuddin Nata MA from the Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teachers Training, Prof Dr H M Ridwan Lubis from the Faculty of Ushuluddin, and Prof Dr M Arskal Salim GP MA from the Faculty of Sharia and Law (mf/ika p/umar)

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