Diorama Room, UIN- NEWS LP2M UIN Jakarta held a workshop for the management of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for the entire faculty in the room Diorama UIN Jakarta, Thursday (28/01). Workshop at Narasumberi by Faisal Syamsuddin, Patent Examiner IPR, the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights, Ministry of Law and Human Rights and Medhanita Dewi Renanti, S. Kom, M. Kom, a lecturer at Bogor Agricultural University.

LP2M Chairman Dr. Arskal M. Salim GP, MA opening disclosed activities, the workshops aimed to raise awareness of lecturers to produce research-based IPR. “That way, in the future we expect products not only based on the research faculty of copyright, but also based on the patent,” he said.

In the workshop, Faisal deliver material entitled Scope and Definition of Patent and Patent Application Filing Procedures. The Medhanita deliver material entitled Intellectual Property Rights Management of Research Quality.

According to Faisal, a patent on a product has many benefits. Among them exclusive rights, the rule of law, the incentives for the creation of process technology, strong market position, improve competitiveness, licensing opportunities, encourage investment, transfer of technology, as well as part of the strategic planning of trade and industry. “A patent is granted for a new invention that involves an inventive step,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Medhanita said granting patent rights would encourage the growth of a culture of innovation in the tradition of academic research. According to him, a culture of innovation can start off small but has great benefits. “Gojek, Facebook, and Yahoo born from small things but now have tremendous benefits for the community,” he explained. (sf/is)

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