LPM, UIN News Online – Directorate of Higher Education Ministry of Research and Higher Education, on January 30, 2017 has released a Portal named SINTA. SINTA itself stands for Science and Technology Index, a portal that gathers names and research institutions from all universities and scientific institutions in Indonesia. SINTA is also connected with scientific research database at Scopus and Google Scholar. When a lecturer enrolled in SINTA, the data base of his scientific work on Google Scholar and Scopus will be indexed directly.

Based on the dikti circular letter number 227 / E / IV / 2017, it is explained that since opening in early 2017 until 20 April 2017, SINTA has been accessed by approximately 5,535,757 visitors from Asia, Europe, North America and other parts of the world. So far there are 47,046 profiles of researchers who registered In SINTA database. In addition to the time this news was released, there are 1442 institutions that have been indexed in SINTA.

For UIN Jakarta, only 63 registered lecturers were registered. While the new registered documents are listed around 849 Documents with a total of 2,188 citations. With registrant data and the number of temporary quotations, UIN Jakarta is only ranked 59th in Indonesia. This is of course still very much when compared with the data in Google Scholar, where there are more than 200 UIN lecturers. In webometrics ranking in January 2017 based on google scholar database, UIN Jakarta has 17845 Citation. This is due to the lack of lecturers of UIN Jakarta that registered in SINTA.

One of SINTA’s important values for lecturers, as highlighted in the Higher Education Circular Letter, SINTA will be the reference medium for the process of Lecturer certification allowance and Honorable Professorship allowance. Unfortunately, SINTA registration from 01 July 2017 is temporarily closed. This is done because it will be the most productive assessment of authors, journals and institutions to be awarded with SINTA Intellectual Property Award at the peak of the 22nd National Technology Awakening Day (Hakteknas) on August 2017. (usa)

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