Rectorate building, UIN News Online – Three delegates from the League of Islamic Universities (Rabithah al-Jami’at al-Islamiyah), visit UIN Jakarta, Monday (8/15). The delegation consists of Rector from Fath Islamy University (UFI) Syria Prof Dr. Husamudin Farfur, professor of Arabic literature from UFI Prof Dr. Abdulnabi, and the head of cooperation of UFI Dr. Yaman Ismawi. They were greeted by Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof Dr. Dede Rosyada accompanied by Vice Rector of Cooperation Prof Dr. Murodi, Dean of Faculty Dirasat Islamiyah (FDI) Dr Hamka Hasan, and several Vice Deans in Rector Office.

The meeting discussed about conference planning in Indonesia, and most likely will cooperate with UIN Jakarta. The conference will bring Robithoh secretary general along with 11 Rector from several countries, namely al-Azhar University, University of Cairo, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, France, the Netherlands and Malaysia.

As the head of Delegation, Husamudin conveyed that the conference which was originally scheduled in early August 2016 will be postponed until November 2016.

Additionally, after hearing the explanation about UIN Jakarta from Dede Rosyada, Husamudin submit a plan to establish cooperation between UFI and UIN Jakarta.

“UPI and UIN Jakarta is an Islamic college who studied Islamic philosophy, Islamic Education, Shari’a and Da’wah. Hopefully this cooperation can produce a qualified Muslims.” He said.

The League of Islamic Universities (or Union of Islamic Universities) is an association of Islamic universities. It is based in Cairo, and led by Prof Abdullah bin Abdul Muhsin at-Turki, who is also General Secretary of the Muslim World League (mf/umar)

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