Ciputat, UIN News Online – LDK Syahid UIN Jakarta organized 1000 ta’jil movement by distributing 1000 ta’jil to students, street vendors, motorcyclist, and pedestrians  who had not had time to break their fast around campus of UIN Jakarta, Monday, (6/19).

The route starts from FISIP, PSYCHOLOGY, FKIK, FAH, FITK, FSH, FIDIK, FU, FEB, FST, FDI and ends at UIN Jakarta Bus Stop. This movement is done in order to share goodness in the month of Ramadhan, and is scheduled to be done routinely every year.

This was conveyed by Abdurrauf, one of the members of LDK Syahid to UIN News Online team. Rauf hopes that students outside LDK Syahid also can take part in this agenda, and hopefully this agenda will continue for the next year.

“Hopefully, LDK Syahid Members remains solid in performing good deeds and remain istiqamah in Da’wa,” said Rauf. (usa)

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