Student Center, UIN NEWS online– Student Activity Unit (UKM) Lembaga Dakwah Kampus Syarif Hidayatullah (LDK Syahid) has just implement the Working Group Khidmah 2017. The occasion was held on Sunday (5/02) at Al-Jamiah mosque, Student Center UIN Jakarta.

 The occasion was planned to formulate and disseminate the work program of Islamic activities, humanity, and education of students at UIN Jakarta. This was expressed by Chairman of LDK Syahid, Mus’ab Izzudin after closing the occasion to UIN NEWS on Monday (6/02) at Student Center mosque of UIN Jakarta.

According to Mus’ab, in accordance with what has been said earlier by Prof Dr Yusron Razak MA (Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs), that LDK Syahid should become morals samples for UIN Jakarta students.”He (Prof Yusron) gave advise that if you want to see akhlakul karimah of UIN Jakarta, then look and see at the LDK syahid students both appearance and behavior,” said Mus’ab annotate vice-chancellors.

In response to Prof. Yusron speech, Mus’ab said, this 2017, LDK syahid has great programs to realize the intended objectives in turn. Amongst these visions, is mentoring movement for akhlakul karimah cadres LDK Syahid, to remain committed and as uswatun hasanah in UIN Jakarta. Furthermore, another movement back to the mosque which consists of mosque clean-up activity, encourage prayers in congregation and Islamic studies to the entire academic community UIN Jakarta. Mus’ab also explained that LDK Syahid this year will organize Islamic studies and be filled by lecturers of UIN Jakarta.

“In addition we have also endorsed the development of da’wah a broad and comprehensive through 5 fields called Class Interests and Talents, namely: Social Quran, Creative da’wah, Entrepreneur, Writing and Public Speaking. Alhamdulillah, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Yusron Razak is also support and ready to give Companionship Certificate (SPKI) to cadres from LDK syahid who participated in the program, “said Mus’ab to UIN NEWS. 

In addition, LDK Syahid currently has administrators at the university level 160 people, and at faculty level around 400 people. Each year, LDK Syahid recruits large number of students in the odd semester -called Exploration of self Islamic Potential (EXPRESSION) and in the even semester called Da’wah Outstanding Cadre Training.

“By participating in mentoring activity and/or humanitarian volunteering to Post Community Solidarity (PSU), and also could be students of Tahfizh Quran Institute Syahid (LTQ Syahid),” Mus’ab said who has memorized 30 juz of Qur’an. (im)

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