Depok, UIN News Online – Students of UIN Jakarta who received the Karya Salemba Empat (KSE) scholarship organized the Camperience 1.0 at Villa AJ Garden, Sawangan, Depok on February 28-March 2, 2019.

By raising the theme on “Menjadikan Pribadi yang Berkarakter dan Menginspirasi”, KSE UIN Jakarta continues to improve the quality of scholarship recipients. The public’s perception of KSE UIN Jakarta is considered very important. With the holding of this event, it is hoped that the students will be able to prepare themselves before undergoing the actual camp.

In addition to providing monthly scholarships with a nominal value of 600 thousand rupiahs per month, the KSE Foundation also provides soft skills training to scholarship recipients. “Usually in a form of National-level training camps, with a selection process carried out by the foundation,” said the Chairman of KSE UIN Jakarta Ginanjar Ramadhan, Saturday (03/02/2019).

In the event, there was also a 2nd Generation Scholarship Recipient KSE UIN Jakarta Syarifah Zahrina Firda. Accordimg to Syarifah, religious figures must be nationalists. It is based on his love for the country.

“There are many Indonesian heroes who have a clerical background,” she said.

She also added that the Pancasila must be synergized with the current context. The spirit for defending the nation and the love of the homeland should be grown. Currently, there are many cases of hate speech, even leading to other ideologies outside the Pancasila. She views that this problem must be resolved immediately.

Firda provided brainstorming to Camperience Society 1.0 participants by providing a case study. One by one the problem must be solved by the camp participants. Various solutions were submitted. One of the most memorable words. “A real action is far more than a thousand words,” she said. (usa)

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