Pare, UIN NEWS Online– Sunday, 22 January 2016, dozens of students from Islamic Broadcasting Communication, Faculty of Da’wa and Communication Sciences (KPI) UIN Syarif Hidayatullah, Jakarta, are going to Kediri.

From Pasar Senen station, at 16.00 WIB they rode Brantas Train bound to Kediri Station. They were seated in economy class compartment 3. The trip to Kediri, East Java, took around 14 hours. At 07.00 in the morning, they arrived at Kediri.

From Kediri Station, KPI student group ride the rented car, it cost Rp. 50.000 per student. It took them almost 40 minutes to get to the English Village, Pare, Kediri. And they headed straight to the course place, The Effortless Course (TEC).

Why they chose TEC? When there are several famous course institutions such as Basic English Course (BEC) which owned by the founder of English Village, Mr Kallend Osen. There is Kresna, Mahesa Institute, Test, Smart, Global English, The Daffodils, Elfast, Mr Bob. These institutions are pretty well known around English Village.

English Village is located in Desa Singgahan and Desa Tulungrejo Pare District Kediri, East Java. The courses started every 10th and 25th of each month. The environment around English Village is designed like campus environment. There are many cafes, laundry, internet café, and phone airtime seller.

 TEC was chosen by KPI Student because the total student is not too much. There are about 30 students, distributed into three classes. TEC itself is under the supervision of Mr Abu Wildan along with four other teachers. Every teacher has their own specialty. One focused in grammar, pronunciation, speaking and vocabulary.

“The fun thing about learning English at TEC is because thefamily atmosphere. Besides learning English, there are obligatory Pray in Maghrib, Isha, and Fajr,” said Siti Nadhifa, KPI student semester 2.

For Nadhifa, the atmosphere in the TEC is not only fun but made her feel at home. Comfortable because the teachers could provide motivation and direction to learn English easily.

What is perceived by Nadhifa, also felt by Nurma Shabila. Shabila feels teaching pattern in TEC does not make English as a difficult language to learn.

“The basic is practice. We only asked to practice by conversing in English. We are asked to dare to speak English and don’t be afraid of making mistake,” said Shabila.

Shabila’s othe friend, Sarah Hana Salsabila, also expressed her glee on learning English at TEC, English Village. Sarah, who used to be a santri in Gontor, Ponorogo, East Java, feels more comfortable. Because at TEC, besides actively using English, it’s also communicating in Arabic.

 “Because I used to be santri, it feels fit the atmosphere on TEC. I can speak Arabic besides English,” Sarah said.

Sarah was impressed by studying patterns in TEC. She hoped she can continue to learn English at the English Village every semester break. The desire to learn more in Pare, also agreed by Andini Putri Jayanti, Fadillah and Fellia

“Wish us good luck and comfortable. We will study for a month, with five class times. Studying start after Fajr prayer, it does not bore us,” Andini hoped. (rs)

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