KMF KALACITRA held “Susur Foto” Exhibition in Student Center Auditorium, Monday-Saturday, (December 13-17).

SC Auditorium, UIN News Online – KMF KALACITRA held “Susur Foto” Exhibition. The activity which is initiated by the XIIth Generation of KALACITRA is held in Student Center Auditorium.

The exhibition is filled with seven photographers to take on the issue of loss and deprivation. They are Quratul Ayun, Annisa Aprilia Permatasari, Shinta Prima Astuti, Rafida Fauzia, Karina Putri Daulay, Desri Rodhiatun Mardhiah, and Fajar Setiawan.

Based on UIN News Online observation, the exhibition activity begins with a seminar entitled “Sharing Session Fotografi” which is held on Monday, (12/13), which presents the photographer from Kompas daily newspaper. Furthermore, KALACITRA also held another seminar entitled “Fotografi dari Sisi Psikologi” by presenting a psychologist from UIN Jakarta and then closed with a discussion between thespeakers and participants.

When met by UIN News Online Team, one of the photographers, Rodhiatun Mardhiah said that she raised the breast cancer theme for the photos that she exhibited.

“The breast cancer theme is an interesting theme to be studied and framed in the photos, there many women suffered from the breast cancer. It turns that the loss and lack of one thing do not make someone lose their entire life,” she said.

For information, this exhibition is a part of cadre training session for the seven prospective members of KMF KALACITRA before they are fully inducted as an official member of KMF KALACITRA. (rs/usa)

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