Tangerang, UIN NEWS Online – A number of students at UIN Jakarta who doing community services in Babakan Asem Village, Teluk Naga District, held a Seminar on the quality of life at PB Sanjaya Sports Building, Sunday (08/12/2018). The seminar raised three topics at once, namely “The Dangers of Narcotics”, “The Importance of Making Birth Certificates”, and “Family Financial Planning”.

The speakers at the seminar were lecturers at the Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teaching Sciences at UIN Jakarta Hindun, the Head of the Teluk Naga Renno Police Crime Team II, Secretary of Teluk Naga Miftah Suritho Subdistrict, and Advocacy Marketing for the Social Trust Fund of UIN Jakarta Nurma Elita Sari. The seminar was attended by hundreds of local residents and KKN participants.

The purpose of the seminar was to provide insight and knowledge to the local community on these three topics. In addition, it also aims to motivate the community to change the quality of life now and in the future.

Hindun said, with the smooth process of education for every citizen, it was started by enrolling in schools that had to be provided with the terms of the birth certificate. Because, how can a child be able to go to school if there are many family heads whose children do not have a birth certificate. Therefore, he said, the birth certificate is important to be owned as one of the population administration.

“Residents must know and it is important to have a birth certificate,” he said.

He added that the debt habit slowly will be reduced or not done by the community if they also understand the purpose of saving.

The same thing was also expressed by the Secretary of Teluk Naga Miftah Sub-District Suritho. He said every citizen must have a birth certificate. Birth certificates are very useful as a form of state recognition of the existence of its people. “In addition to birth certificates can also be used as a condition of marriage, scholarship, study, making ID cards, making passports, and obtaining inheritance rights”, he said.

The head of the Teluk Naga Police Criminal Investigation Team II revealed that drugs had a wide impact, both for users and other communities. Drug users will experience hallucinations, stimulation, depression, addiction, and even premature aging. If consumed in a long time, let alone over dose, can cause damage to several organs of the body.

“Never approach drugs because it can be harmful to myself and others,” he said. (usa-rs)

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