Rumpin, UIN News Online – Community Outreach (KKN) activities often give a lot of “surprises” to the participants. In addition to “unique” customs of the residents. Some of the participants also find many problems that exist amid the citizens. Starting from poverty, poor sanitation and health, and limited educational facilities.

Such problems were found by the KKN participants from UIN Jakarta in Rumpin Sub-district, Bogor Regency. Based on UIN News Online team Observation, Saturday-Sunday (8/5-6), they found limited educational facilities in Kampung Cikandang, Mekarsali Village. As a result, student learning activities in Kampung Cikandang are often disrupted.

One of them is SD Negeri Kertajaya 03, the elementary school which is the elementary school for the local students. The school itself is in a bad condition. “The floor was badly damaged, and it will be worse if not fixed immediately,” Said Indah Pratiwi, one of KKN participants.

Not only the floor, desks and study chairs have also been damaged and become unusable.

“The conditions are very alarming, most of the students are eventually bring their own chairs and tables from home,” she added.

Despite of having unfeasible learning facilities, she still saw the high learning motivation from the students. Because of their high motivation, finally Indah and his friends decided to open an outdoor class.

In this outdoor class, Indah and her friends teaches the local students, ranging from reading, math, and arts. “They are so excited,” she added.

Her colleague, Irvan Hidayat, justify the bad condition of school which is not comparable with student’s learning interest. Along with his KKN group members, he advocated to the local education office. “We hope to make repairs soon,” he said.

The advocacy has been done. Irvan and his friends have met with the local authorities. But the desire to fix the building seems not to be done quickly. This is because the proposed revised budget cannot be disbursed this year.

In the end, Irvan and his group took the initiative to raise funds to individual donors and institutions. Some have already met and committed to donate. “The donations that we collect will be used for repairing the school building,” he explained.

Irvan also noted that the villagers wanted to improve the classroom facilities independently. However, the residents economic condition makes it difficult to be realized. (usa)

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