The governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan or Kang Aher, come to UIN Jakarta on Friday (7/15). He is invited to give a speech at UIN Jakarta halal bi halal event. He was greeted warmly by the Civitas Academica of UIN Jakarta who had been in the Harun Nasution auditorium since 08:00 AM. Kang Aher had just arrived on campus UIN Jakarta at 08.30 by using his official vehicles, plated D 1001 PN. He was accompanied by the local administration’s working unit (SKPD) and escorted by the police.

On his arrival at the Rectorate building, he was immediately greeted the by Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof Dr. Dede Rosyada and the Mayor of South Tangerang, Airin Rachmi Diany. After half an hour, he immediately went to the venue and gave a speech for about an hour.

After the speech, he interacted with the leaders of UIN Jakarta in the Uni Club while enjoying typical Eid dishes, ketupat, and opor ayam. Then, he met with some journalists, including UIN News for an interview session. After the interview, he did not immediately return to Bandung. He chose to do the Friday prayer in Al-Jami’ah mosque located at the student center of UIN Jakarta, along with the civitas academica. “I seem to feel comfortable here,” he said.

After the Friday Prayer, Kang Aher was still on campus. Kang Aher even had time to take the pictures with some jamaah.

At 01:00 PM, Kang Aher accompanied by his aides is back to the rectorate building, going home? Not yet. He invites the Rector to see the land owned by the Government of West Java province on campus two which is currently used as the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP). The land is granted by the provincial government of West Java to UIN Jakarta for the sake of education. There is also a building known as Wisma Kertamukti. The building previously had functioned as a liaison office or a representative of The West Java Government in DKI Jakarta. Kang Aher also gets an explanation from the rector about the land and the building. After that, Kang Aher then excused himself and returned to his office in Bandung.

Compared to some other governors who’ve come to the campus UIN Jakarta, Kang Aher was the governor who has the most time on campus visits. He spent five hours in UIN Jakarta. The other governors who have ever visited UIN Jakarta are Ratu Atut Chosiyah in 2007. She spent for about three hours. Followed by the former Governor of DKI Jakarta, Joko Widodo (2013) and the Governor of Banten, Rano Karno (April 2016), which respectively spent only about two hours.

The visit of the former governor of Banten Ratu Atut Chosiyah and the former governor of DKI Jakarta, Joko Widodo (now President of Indonesia) to UIN Jakarta is to give halal bi halal speeches. Meanwhile, the current Governor of Banten, Rano Karno is invited to give a briefing for the Community Service Program (KKN) participants. (ika p/njs/ns/umar)

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