Rectorate, UIN News Online – Chairman of LP2M UIN Jakarta, Jajang Jahroni, was appointed as professor in the field of History of Islamic Civilization. This was stated in the decree of the Indonesian Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology Number 58909, 2021.

“Starting from August 1st, 2021, Jajang Jahroni was promoted to Professor in the field of History of Islamic Civilization,” said the decree, as quoted by UIN News Online on Monday (09/13/2021).

In addition to serving as Chairman of the Institute for Research and Community Service or LP2M UIN Jakarta, Jajang also teaches at the History and Islamic Civilization Department, Faculty of Adab and Humanities. He teaches a number of subjects such as Social Science Theories in History, Cultural Theory, Cultural Heritage and Society, Comprehensive Islamic Studies, Sociology and Anthropology.

Apart from teaching, he also active in conducting research and publishing a number of academic works in the form of journal articles and books as a writer, translator or editor. Among his writings are Gerakan Salafi Radikal di Indonesia, Defending The Majesty of Islam: Indonesia’ Front Pembela Islam 1998-2003, and The Political Economy of Knowledge: Sharia and Saudi Scholarship.

In research activities, Jajang joins the Center for the Study of Islam and Society (PPIM) and conducts research on Islam and democracy, Islam and gender, strengthening Islamic educational institutions such as madrasas and pesantren. He also researched the Radical Islam movement in collaboration with the Indonesian Institute of Sciences and The Asian Muslim Action Network and produced the work titled Defending the Majesty of Islam.

Jajang, who was born in Banten in 1967, has had quite a variety of educations. After graduating from Madrasah Aliyah in the Cirebon Buntet Islamic Boarding School, Jajang continued his undergraduate education at the Department of Islamic History, Faculty of Adab, IAIN Jakarta until he graduated in 1991.

Then he took his master’s degree at Leiden University by writing a thesis on the role of Haji Hasan Mustafa, a local Sundanese Islamic figure in West Java. Finally, Jajang completed his doctoral education at the Department of Anthropology, Boston University (2015) by writing his dissertation titled The Political Economy of Knowledge: Salafism in Post-Soeharto Urban Indonesia.

Separately, the Rector of UIN Jakarta Amany Lubis welcomed the appointment of Professor Jajang Jahroni. “I hope this achievements can continue to improve his academic work in the development of teaching and research in Islamic History at UIN Jakarta,” said Rector Amany. (usa/zm)

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