Depok, NEWS UIN Online– UIN Jakarta continues to be the choice of high school students (SMA) and Madrasah Aliyah (MA) as Jabodetabek in continuing higher education. In addition to the curriculum of scholars, affordable tuition fees, accreditation and the status of the country also be the reason they chose UIN Jakarta.

Such interest is seen when hundreds of students stormed the lecture information booth at the State Higher Education Exhibition in Jabodetabek which was held at Balairung UI Building, Depok, on Saturday (4/14/2018). In this event, UIN Jakarta also presented the profile of UIN Jakarta, selection path, faculty and study program, lecture activities, tuition fees.

Annisa Prabowo, a student of MAN 4 Jakarta, admitted that she was interested to enroll in UIN Jakarta. Annisa who want to continue his education in Accounting Department admitted interested in FEB UIN Jakarta because of the Accounting Program offered is accredited A.

“I think, Accounting Department UIN Jakarta is also good. Insha Allah I will register a lecture there, “she said.

Ilham Maulana, Private SMK students in Bekasi are also interested in continuing higher education to UIN Jakarta. His desire to work in the field of network engineering continued with Information Systems Prodi offered at the Faculty of Science and Technology UIN Jakarta.

In addition to accreditation A, the tuition fee in a single tuition scheme paid according to the student’s ability ratio becomes the reason Ilham wants to study at UIN Jakarta. “If in other universities, although it’s a public one, sometimes the tuition differs from way of admissions,” he said.

Nanny Mayasari, another one. Student MA Daarul ‘Ulum, Bogor, is interested in continuing to study at UIN Jakarta by studying in Prodi of Chemistry Education. He himself aspired to become a chemistry teacher.

In addition to accreditation, the status of the country, and accreditation, Nanny’s lecture option to UIN Jakarta because at the same time she wants to deepened her Islamic knowledge. “In addition to college, later I want to also gets to the boarding, so I can do both college and nyantri ,” she explained.

In the same place, Head of Administration Administration, Academic Section, UIN Jakarta, Dra. Riniwati said, UIN Jakarta continues to be the choice of students as Jabodetabek or various schools in other areas. The curriculum, teaching quality, and accreditation of Prodi are the reasons they chose to study at UIN Jakarta.

“It also reflects the great public expectation of education offered by UIN Jakarta,” she concluded. (usa-rs)


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