Ciputat, UIN News Online – To celebrate Islamic new year 1441 H, Fathullah Mosque Youth Association (IRMAFA) will organize Fathullah festival which is planned to take place on Thursday-Sunday (09/26-29/2019). This event will be filled with various activities that can be attended by santris, students, university students, and the general public throughout Jabodetabek area.

“The festival will be filled with marawis, adzan competitions, tahfidz Juz 30 competitions, Fashion Show Contest, Kids Coloring Competition, Speech Competition, Short Story Writing Competition, Poster Design Competition, and Toddler Photo Competition, Islamic Talk Show, charity event, free health check-ups, Fun Bike and Tabligh Akbar,” said the Chairman of IRMAFA UIN Jakarta Ahmad Sopian to UIN News Online, Thursday (09/05/2019).

According to Ahmad, Muharram is an important month in the history of Islam that marks the migration of the Prophet Muhammad to Medina from Makkah. This also marks the expansion of Islamic da’wa carried out by the Prophet himself.

He also added that the festival is expected to introduce the Fathullah Mosque of UIN Jakarta as a center for increasing the Islamic youth potential, fostering national creativity, and as a means to increase social sensitivity and awareness.

“This activity is expected to increase the potential, creativity, knowledge, and experience of the Islamic younger generation as well as to increase social awareness such as by providing assistance to orphans,” he concluded (usa/zm/as)

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