Together with Prof Dr Zaitunah Subhan, Prof Dr Amany Lubis MA UIN selected as the recipient of the 2015 Award of Woman’s Center for the Study of Gender and Children UIN Jakarta. NEWS to UIN Online, Professor of Political History of Islam tells of awards, education, up to the role of women.

UIN you are awarded the Woman’s Award?

“Thank God I am entrusted to receive the gift UIN Woman Awards. Of course I am grateful to God and grateful to the Center for the Study of Gender and Children (PSGA) UIN Jakarta that gave this award.

I do not know what criteria in fact, but I became the recipient of the award. The academic aspects, involvements in the organizations, or family aspects. Regardless of what the reason is, but this is a surprise it is motivational for me to give the best gait for UIN Jakarta, community, and nation.”

You are known to have a good academic career. What’s the secret?

“I became a lecturer since 22-26 years ago. With such devotion, Alhamdulillah, I got a lot of academic experience, including a wide range of opportunities given by UIN Jakarta and other institutions so that I received the academic network abroad. Even with these opportunities, I earned the highest academic degree (professor, red).”

Is there some sort of habit instilled by your parents during childhood?

“From childhood, my parents made me get used to reading. This custom carried over until now. With such a habit, when I was in college at the University of al-Azhar, Egypt, for example, I got used to filling my time by visiting the library, either for reading, studying, or writing.

In addition, the influence of parents and the association also allowed me to read the literature of England, France, and of course Arabic. So that when i returned to Indonesia I could continue my education to the doctoral level, the habit of reading and the access to sources of three languages ​​is already not an obstacle anymore.”


“Alhamdulillah, throughout my academic career, I met a lot of the teachers that gave helped me with impetus and direction so that i can maintain the commitment in the academic world. Among such as the late Professor Johan Meuleman (Professor of Islamic History at the Universiteit Leiden) and Professor Azyumardi Azra (Professor of History UIN Jakarta). They encouraged me a lot with retracing my academic career.”

Are you also busy organizing?

In terms of organizations, thank God I believed to be involved in at least 18 organizations, both Islamic and scientific professions. One of them, I was given the opportunity to be involved as a trustee of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI). Then, al-Majlis al-‘Alamy li-l ‘Alimat al-Islamy namely intellectual organization of women which I believed to be its chairperson.

In addition to being in field of devotion, I believe in involvement in many organizations and this allows me to be educated and to be an active writer which is beneficial for the people. Hopefully Allah SWT will provide health and ease, as well as maintain my passion to perform this service.”

What about the family support?

“Thank God, I was born and grew up in a family that provides full support with my devotion. Both parents have managed to instill discipline and enthusiasm for learning, a husband who gives confidence and full support of my gait outdoors, and children who are able to understand my busy life. But as a wife to a husband, and a mother to children, I certainly try to bustle outside and try not to distract them.”

From your experience, are there any suggestions that can be distributed to the women?

“To the women, the value I can give is keep good relations with all parties, husbands, children, in-laws and parents. Be open about our activities outside, including for example, when we go anywhere. Keep yourself healthy, and do not be distracted from things that are not worthy to be done by a woman or wife so we could maintain their trust.”

Other than that?

“Cultivate modesty in speaking and behaving in the family. Do not be lazy. That, I always tell my students, do not be shy and do not be lazy! Whatever is assigned by your lecturer, please do it well. Always learn and never be afraid of making mistakes because of it, you’ll be strengthened.”

Successful husband and wife, there is support, do you have any advice for husbands?

“In a household, the husband and wife should complement each other, mutual understanding, mutual understanding and encouragement are no half measures. However, occasionally we also need to check whether, for example, the permissions granted to the husband and wife or the wife to the husband, already constituted are sincere or forced. Women also have to brave with the proposals expressed or personal opinion. In addition, the husband-wife communication must be constantly updated and maintained properly. Neither the wife nor should equally do the best for others. So women are not always so subordinate, but not superior.

Profile Prof. Dr. Hj. Amany Lubis, MA

Born in Cairo, December 22, 1963. Amany Undergraduate education at the University of Al-Azhar in Cairo. Then, continuing education masters and doctoral degrees at the Graduate School of UIN Jakarta. Since 26 years ago, she has devoted herself as a lecturer at the Faculty of Sharia UIN Jakarta. In addition, she has also taught at various universities in Indonesia as a lecturer at the Middle East Program and Islamic University of Indonesia. With seabreg activity and her love of the academic world, Amany managed to become Professor of the History of Political Islam.

However, on the sidelines of busy teaching, the mother of Ayman (S1 International Economics, University of Cairo; S2 Master of Management UI), Akram (HI FISIP UIN Jakarta), and Radwa (SMA Kharisma Bangsa) is active in various professional forums academia. Besides being active in the Indonesian Ulema Council, Amany now recorded lead al-Majlis al-Alamy lil-‘Alimat al-Islamy (Maai), an organization of Muslim women intellectuals. (Translated by Ihsan/Safee)

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