Aqib Suminto Theater, UIN NEWS Online – Faculty of Da’wah and Communication Sciences (FIDK) UIN Jakarta held International Public Lecture, with the theme “Youth and Terrorism”. The speaker presented at the event was Mr. H. W. M. (Dick) Schoof MA from National Coordinator for Security and Counter Terrorism, Kingdom of The Netherland. The event was held in Theater room Prof. Dr. Aqib Suminto, 2nd Floor on Tuesday (18/07).

At the event which was moderated by FIDKOM Lecturer, Suparto Phd, there were also invited guests from Netherlands, including Fedor Meerts (Senior Adviser NCTV), Hans Koenderink (Police Attache), Brecthje Klandermans (Head of Politics), and Edwin Arifin (Senior Political Adviser).

According to Mr. HWM (Dick) Schoof, terrorism is coordinated attacks aimed at evoking feelings of terror against a particular group of people. Terrorism is not always about religion, yet there are many ISIS groups abuses Islam. Not to mention the sects which become more violent. Terrorists try to create tension between the group and the community.

“Not only religion, psychological factors also influence young people to join, so eventually this reason made lots of young people joined  terrorists, when they joined the network, their relationship with family terminated by the terrorits,” said Schoof.

He added not to let the terrorist group divided religion, he also added that not only religion aspect which became the factor, but social and cultural factors can also affect this spread. It is important for the public to know what the process of radicalization is like

UIN NEWS Online observed at the location that participants which consisting of students and lecturers from various faculties at UIN Jakarta were very enthusiast to follow the event. This was evident which was seen from the over flowed room of participants and the questions raised.

The 6th Semester Journalistic student, Sururoh asked about the event and she said that the event was very good and she also got confirmed that terrorism is not a command or be based on religion. Those terorist people who are mostly used the name of Islam are irresponsible people.

“Terrorism occurs because of people who feel that they are victims of society which do not give care, so there is a sense of hatred to the community,” she said.

Sururoh hoped from this event that it may remind us that the cruelty of terrorism is not based on religion, and the youth are not trapped into the scope of liberal radicalization, which causes these young people become terrorism agents.

In line with Sururoh, Chairman of Student Council (FIDKOM) Ahmad Halilintang said that this activities gave us broad picture of the danger and spreading mode of terrorist activities. “I wish this activity be a momentum for us and young people to be more vigilant and introspective, and able to counteract the emergence of terrorist movements.” (usa-im)

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