Merlynn Park Hotel, UIN NEWS Online— The institution should pay more attention on public relation. It is because the positive image of the agency’s performance depends on the creativity of the information services unit.

Thus the conclusion of the event Public Relations Gathering 2016 that held by Tempo Media Group, held at Merlynn Park Hotel, Tuesday (26/04). Present as the guest speaker at the event, Wahyu Dyatmika (Head of Coverage Center TEMPO) and Joseph Suprayogi (Head of Digital Product Development TEMPO).

The event entitled The Role of Social Media as Supporting Factor of the Effective and Great Impact Press Release Distribution is followed by all the Public Relation of Universities in Jabodetabek and invited guests.

In his presentation, Wahyu Dyatmika explained more concerning the law of press, the technique of writing a good press release and be able to attract the audiences (reader), and also the things that should be considered by related PR agencies.

“Press release writing should pay attention to things that are important to be published, avoid words that are ambiguous and should always be related to be easily found by search engines,” he said.

At the same place, Yosep explained the writing technique in detail, things that need to be noted in writing and the importance of the institution or university attention to sub publicist.

“The image of a university or college whether it is good or bad is very depending to the public relation. Thus it would’nt be wise to undermine this division” he explained bluntly.

Yosep added, the need for training, workshops and training for PR to be more tactical to face any possibility associated with university where they serve. Because the virtual world is now free and anyone is entitled to write anything, anywhere, anytime. (LRF/Translated by: Ihsan/Rany Setyasari)

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