Main Auditorium, UIN News Online – Deradicalization process in the campus environment can be done by realizing the following; student housing (student residence), financial loan (loan funds), and think globally (expanding the horizon of thinking).

This was conveyed by Indonesia’s Ombudsman Chairman Prof Amzulian Rifai SH LLM PhD during his speech at UIN Jakarta’s Halal BI Halal event, Thursday, (07/05/2018) at Harun Nasution Main Auditorium, Campus I of UIN Jakarta.

The event, which carries the theme on “Memperkuat Jati Diri Kampus: dari Deradikalisasi Menuju Masyarakat Global” was followed by all UIN Jakarta academic community, as well as UIN Jakarta’s partners.

On his speech, Amzulian explained that the student residence is a dormitory. By relocating the students to a dormittory, it is easier to observe the student’s activities.

“During this time, the lack of attention from the campus to external student activities became one major factor that contributes to the spread of radical ideologies on campuses” said Amzulian.

Additionally, Amzulian also added that the next method is the existence of loan funds for students. This is intended, so that students do not do things that lead to radical thinking or crime activities. Or meet with other parties who can help them in terms of financing but have thoughts that lead to radicalism.

And finally, by expanding the students’ thinking horizons by conducting studies or seminars held by the campus.

At the end of his speech, Amzulian said that the methods have been done by UIN Jakarta. Therefore, until now UIN Jakarta is still and even more trusted by the community.

“This proves that UIN Jakarta is a campus that always upholds peace and tolerance,” said Amzulian, ending his speech. (usa)

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