UNI Club, UIN News Online – Indonesian National Military headquarter, in collaboration with UIN Jakarta and several state Islamic religious colleges (PTKIN) opened up opportunities for Indonesian citizens to become TNI officers. The recruitment at the UIN Jakarta campus opens on August 8-9, 2019 in the Uni Club, campus I of UIN Jakarta.

The opportunity to become an officer is open to scholars in the field of religion, such as Islamic Religious Education (PAI), Da’wah Management (MD), and Islamic Broadcast Communication (KPI).

Other administrative requirements are a copy of elementary / junior high / high school and tertiary diplomas, birth certificate, KTP and KK, and a SKKB.

For information, Initial selection is done during the registration period, including file selection, mental ideology, appearance, and practice. The final selection will be carried out at TNI Headquarters. (usa/ns)

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