Student Center Hall, UIN NEWS Online – Public is expected to participate in foreign supervision as part of  guarding the sovereignty of Indonesia. Public participation is expected to prevent Indonesia from the threat and  infiltration of individuals and groups who intend to commit terrorism.

This was conveyed by Director of Supervision and Immigration Control Zaeroji S. Sos MH in a National Seminar entitled Keeping the Doors of State Sovereignty and Public Role in Supervision of Foreigners in the Student Center Hall, Thursday (15/06/2017). The seminar was organized by Prodi Ilmu al-Quran and Tafsir, Faculty of Ushuluddin.

Zaeroji said, the ease of access by land, sea, and air makes Indonesia vulnerable of foreign infiltration from various regions to Indonesia. Such convenience is a consequence of Indonesia as part of the global community.

Not only economic reasons such as investment and trade activities, education reason such as studying in universities,  and Indonesia as one of the tourist destinations. This gap does not rule out the possibility of exploitation from foreign parties who want to create domestic instability.

“In this case, the oversight function of foreign citizens is a shared responsibility,” he said.

Therefore, Zaeroji asked the public to not hesitate to report suspected foreign nationals. “Please provide information to the migration, if anyone knows or see a foreigner doing wrong actions,” he advised. (usa-rs)

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