Syahida Inn, UIN NEWS Online-Taking place at Syahida Inn, IKALUIN in Indonesia held a national conference on Wednesday (21/03). With the theme of Islam and Transformasi Indonesia, this event was initiated on the recommendation of UIN alumni meeting on January 16, 2018 and then in Jakarta.

The UIN Alumnae National Conference in Indonesia aims to discuss the role of UIN alumni towards Indonesia’s transformation process, strengthen (silaturrahim, communication, network, and synergy) of UIN alumni all over Indonesia, as well as to discuss and map various issues related to the life of the people of the nation while offering the right response as a continuation of the trusty tridarma college.

Attending the event was also a speaker, Chairman of IKALUIN H Ahmad Zacky Siradj, Dr H Noor Achmad MA (Head of IKALUIN Walisongo-Semarang / Vice Chairman of Commission VIII DPR-RI), Dr Anwar Abbas MM MAg (Waketum IKALUIN Jakarta / Secretary General MUI) , Dr. Reni Marlinawati MA (Chairman of IKALUIN Sunan Gunung Djati-Bandung / Chairperson of PPP DPR-RI), and Dr Wahiduddin Adams SH MA (Judge MK-RI / Vice Chairman of IKALUIN Jakarta (2016-2020).

In his press statement, Ahmad Zacky Siradj said, “IKALUIN National Conference Activities is a gathering of alumni in order to provoke new thoughts and ideas,” he said.

Furthermore, he said that the ideas and ideas here include the scholarly, social, national, and political. In addition, the meeting is also a forum to exchange ideas among alumni in mapping the problems of what Indonesia is facing today.

“In addition to ideas, they are also expected to provide solutions on what can be done for example in the academic field about the development of science in general or religious science, then in the field of social about what movements made by the alumni in the life of nation and state , then in the field of politics, what are the responsibilities of alumni such as plunging into political parties, parliament, bureaucracy and so on other than the education world, “said Ahmad Zacky.

Still according to Zacky, specifically for the economy, not a few UIN alumni who are in entrepreneurship sector through this meeting may be synergized with each other.

“Thus the UIN alumni meeting is expected to gather ideas and thoughts. Any thoughts and ideas contained in the paper will be united into a book,” said Ahmad Zacky. (usa)

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