RSU FAH, UIN News Online – Alumni Association of UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta (IKALUIN) held training readiness to pursue a career for fresh graduation alumni UIN Jakarta on Wednesday-Thursday (25-26 / 10), held at Main Meeting Room of Faculty of Adab and Humanities UIN Jakarta.

The event with the theme From Zero to Hero invited Prof. Murodi MA as Vice Rector UIN Jakarta, Prof. Dr. Syukron Kamil MA Dean FAH and Secretary General of IKALUIN Jakarta, Pramono Ubaid Thantowi, Commissioner of KPU RI and alumni of FSH UIN Jakarta, Mauludin Anwar as Executive Producer Liputan 6 SCTV, and Akbar Zainudin, the author of Book Man Jadda Wa Jadda.

On the occasion, Murodi appreciated IKALUIN for their initiation of holding activities for UIN Jakarta alumni, whether they were new, middle, or old alumni.

“This will become a powerful silaturrahim forum because IKALUIN always facilitates UIN Jakarta alumni in various activities,” he said.

Murodi also explained the main capacity that should always be upheld as alumni of UIN Jakarta is to have intelligence, strong distinction, and adequate experience.

In the same place, Secretary General of IKALUIN, Syukron revealed that IKALUIN was aware of having the responsibility in assisting UIN Jakarta in shaping graduates who are ready to work and have the skills, knowledge, and attitude required by the company need more effort.

“One of IKALUIN way in preparing prospective graduates or fresh graduate alumni UIN Jakarta before entering the working world by providing briefing about working life in the professional world and find their time to stay in touch with UIN Jakarta,” He added, this career training is very useful for the readiness of students after graduating from UIN Jakarta.

In the same place, the speakers shared their methods of their working field. Thus was intended to give preparation for the fresh graduated alumni in preparing their future work in order to get better position after graduated from UIN Jakarta, and they were also shared their ups and down stories while trying to pursue their dreams.

The phrase quoted by UIN news online team from one of Commissioner KPU RI that no need to say words this time, but hard work, and walked out from comfort zone, and pray all the time.
The same expression was also expressed by Akbar that the future should be in design. “Life is a matter of courage on how to beat the storm,” he said.

Mauludin Anwar also advised the alumni at that time so they can balance their ambition with hard work. “Do not just the ambition, but you must be resilient and confident and proved that as an alumni UIN Jakarta you also need to have high credibility,” he added. (usa)

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