Ciputat, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta’s alumni association (IKALUIN) celebrates the start of IKALUIN office construction on Pisangan, East Ciputat, Thursday (08/06/2020). Apart from being used as an office, this building will later be used to carry out various scientific activities for alumni of UIN Jakarta.

After the inauguration ceremony, Rector of UIN Jakarta Amany Lubis said that IKALUIN office must become the source of pride for the alumni of UIN Jakarta. In addition, the Rector also hopes that the construction of the IKALUIN office can also be a connecting bridge for religious moderation, scientific integration, and Islamic education development in Indonesia.

“The construction of the IKALUIN building is considered very strategic, especially in supporting the development of Islamic education at UIN Jakarta,” said Rector.

Meanwhile, the chairman of IKALUIN Ahmad Zaky Siradj said that the IKALUIN building was built using funds from the community, especially the alumni. Apart from being operated as the IKALUIN office, the building will also be a place for alumni to carry out various scientific and publishing activities.

For information, the construction of a 3-storey building will be equipped with adequate facilities and infrastructure. Among them is a dormitory as a place to stay for alumni from various regions during a stopover in Jakarta.

Also present in the event, Secretary General of IKALUN Syukron Kamil, Chair of the University Senate Abuddin Nata, Judge of the Constitutional Court Wahiduddin Adams, as well as Vice Rectors and Bureau Chiefs. (usa/ns)

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