Rectorate, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta and the Institut Français d’Indonésie (IFI) are planning to open a French Language and Literature Study Program at UIN Jakarta. This is due to the high interest of the academic community, especially UIN Jakarta students in learning the French language.

This plan was raised during the meeting between IFI team and Rector of UIN Jakarta Amany Lubis in her office, Wednesday (01/30/2019). Present in the event, Cooperation Linguistic Attaché of IFI Philippe Grangê, Science and Technology Cooperation Attaché of IFI Nicolas Gascoin, Head of IFI Wijaya Branch Syarah H Andriani, Assistant for Science and Technology Attaché Stefany Claudia, and Manager of Warung Perancis Rian Rinaldi.

In the meeting, Rector was accompanied by Head of Center for Language Development (PPB) UIN Jakarta Siti Nurul Azkiyah and Head of Center for International Cooperation Rachmat Baihaky.

Met by UIN Online NEWS after the meeting, Grangê revealed a cooperation plan between IFI and UIN Jakarta One of them is the opening of the French Language and Literature study program in UIN Jakarta. “One of our discussions is the plan to open the French Language and Literature Study Program,” he explained.

The plan, he continued, is in accordance with UIN Jakarta’s vision and mission towards World Class University (WCU) through the mastery of foreign languages by the academic community, and due to the high interest of students in learning French.

“Surely, we need a lot of preparation,” said Grangê

In the same place, Azkiya confirmed IFI and UIN Jakarta’s plans to open a French Language and Literature study program. According to Azkiya, both parties will have another discussion in near future.

“It needs a longer discussion, especially about where the study program will be opened later, whether in FITK (Faculty of Tarbiya and Teacher Training, ed.) Or FAH (Faculty of Adab and Humanities, ed),” she added.

Azkiyah also admitted that the interest of UIN Jakarta academic community in learning the French language is quite high. In addition to undergraduate students, French language learning is also taken by students of master and doctoral programs. (usa)

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