Rectorate, UIN News Online – Social Minister of RI Idrus Marham is scheduled to attend the KKN participants release ceremony on Tuesday, (07/17/2018) at Harun Nasution Auditorium, campus I of UIN Jakarta.

This was conveyed by Chairman of Center for Community Service PPM UIN Jakarta Djaka Badranaya during coordination meeting at rectorate building, Monday, (07/16/2018). Djaka said, Social Minister Idrus Marham was deliberately invited to release KKN participant for 2017/2018 academic year. Initially, the release ceremony will be held on July 4, 2018 along with the implementation of halal bi halal of UIN Jakarta.

“However, considering the Minister of Social Affairs (Idrus Marham) schedule, and finally he was willing to attend on 17 July,” Said Djaka.

According to Djaka, the presence of Social Minister Idrus Marham to UIN Jakarta is not limited to release KKN participants. He is also scheduled to provide social assistance on education. “But we do not know what kind of assistance will be provided,” he added.

Currently, various preparations are being conducted by the committee. Especially in Harun Nasution Auditorium, as the location of the release event. Later, there will be about 2,000 students attending the release ceremony.

Based on the data, the number of KKN participants this year reached 3,834 people or as many as 200 groups. They will be deployed in Bogor, West Java, and Tangerang regencies, Banten, with 100 districts each with 100 villages and 10 sub-districts. This regular KKN activity will be held effective from July 20 to August 23, 2018.

The large number of KKN participants, according to Djaka, this is due to some faculties that re-use the regular KKN model after previously using an independent KKN model. “So, it is natural that the number of KKN locations this year has also increased,” he said. (usa)

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