SPs, UIN News Online – International Colloquium on Interdisciplinary Studies 2019 (ICIIS 2019) participants presented dozens of papers from their research on the second day of the activity, Friday (08/11/2019). In the panel session, they explained various important issues on Moslem Societies and Social Transformation they found in their research.

Based on UIN News Online observation, there were four groups discussing four research topics. Among them; Quran and Hadith Studies; Islamic Law and Social Institution; Islamic Literature, Texts and Islamic Economics; Sufism and Islamic Thought.

In the first group, Quran and Hadith Studies, Mukhamad Saifunnuha and Kusmana presented research entitled The Discourses of Syurat Al-Mufassir Among Traditional and Modern Scholars: A Content Analysis. Others, Avina Amalia Mustaghfiroh presented The Development of the Indonesian Qur’an Interpretation at the 20th Century.

The second group, present their research results on the Islamic Law and Social Institution, Kholis Bidayati and J.M Muslimin present their research result entitled Tradition and Fortune: The Anthropology of Javanese Marriage. The third group, Amiroh Nichayatun and Munir Azizah presented their research result on Islamic Literature, Text, and Islamic Economics entitled Existence of Mortal Values in Song Lyrics “Ketika Tangan dan Kaki Berkata” By Taufiq Ismail (Study on Sociological Literature).

While the last group, the planelist presented the research result on Sufism and Islamic Thought. Agus Kusmana for example, he presented his research result through the paper entitled Political Movement: Of the Qadiriyah Naqshbandiyah Order in The Banten Peasant Resistance 1888. (usa)


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