FIDK, UIN News Online – Dozens of Da’wa Faculty students of IAIN Salatiga visit the UIN Jakarta Faculty of Da’wah and Communication Sciences (FIDK) on Thursday (04/25/2019). The visit was led directly by the Dean of IAIN Salatiga Da’wa Faculty Mukti Ali, accompanied by Deputy Dean for Student Affairs and Collaboration Rasimin. The visit was received by Jakarta the FIDK UIN Jakarta Vice Dean for Cooperation Suhaimi, who accompanied by the Head of Islamic Broadcasting Communication Study Program Masran.

Mukti in his remarks said that the visit to FIDKOM UIN Jakarta was a routine program to improve students’ insight into dynamic communication and da’wah knowledge. “In addition to classroom activities, we also conduct learning outside the classroom so that they see the extent of the development of da’wah and communication,” he said.

In addition to FIDK UIN Jakarta, they also made visits to a number of da’wah faculties and communications from several universities and media companies. FIDKUIN Jakarta itself, he continued, was chosen because of its existence as one of the best faculties of da’wah and communication in the state Islamic religious colleges.

Meanwhile, Suhaimi said, the development of learning facilities and the support of teaching lecturers in the faculties was an important factor in encouraging learning in the FIDKOM UIN Jakarta environment. In addition, practicum activities in the laboratory and the field practices are added values for the learning process.

“We develop the radio and tv community. Here, students are taught directly about the process of production techniques behind the delivery of information,” he said. (usa)

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