FKIK Theater, UIN News Online – Biology students association (HPMS) FITK UIN Jakarta holds entrepreneurship worksop entitled “Open Your Mind to be a Young Entrepreneurship” at FITK Theater room, Campus I of UIN Jakarta, Monday, (4/10). Present as the speaker, the founder of Eco Bussiness Indonesia Edy Fajar Prasetyo.

The head of HPMS Biology FITK UIN Jakarta Dr Yanti Herlianti MPd in her remarks said that this activity is aimed to foster the entrepreneurial spirits of the students. “This workshop is aimed to equip the students to have another skill in addition to being a Biology teacher,” she said.

She also added that the entrepreneurial spirits should be developed among the students. Today, manu students are confused because because they cannot be absorbed by the labor market after they graduate. She was expected that after the students are equipped themselves with entrepreneurial skills, they will be ready for work in their professional respective are.

“In addition to manage their own self-sustainability, these capabilities can help other labors absorption,” said Yanti.

The workshop committee chairperson Dessy Fatmawati, added that the workshop is required for fourth semester students of Biology Education to replace the entrepreneurship courses previously taught.

“The worksop is intended so the biology education students are not afraid to fail to start a business, and have a confidence to start their own business,” said Dessy.

Meanwhile, Fajar during his presentation encourage the students to plunge theirself into the world of entrepreneurship. According to him, failure is not a thing that need to be feared of.

“Failure will raise our mentality as an entrepreneur,” said Fajar. (usa)

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