Madya meeting hall, UIN News Online – Biology Education Department Student Association of FITK UIN Jakarta held a talk show on green technology themed Green Technology: Berbaur Bersama Lingkungan Dengan Teknologi on Friday, (10/20/2017) at Madya meeting hall, campus I of UIN Jakarta.

The event that carries the name of the 3rd Biology Education Expo (BEE) 2017 also filled with several competitions; among them are practicum competition, scientific writing contests and quiz.

Activities that aimed at improving creativity and encouraging student motivation to work as well as excel in various skills are followed by high school students and college students.

When met by UIN News Online, one of the organizers, Novi, said that to raise an awareness of the young generation, especially students and students of the importance of protecting the environment.

“Through this event, we are trying to apply and socialize high environmental awareness for the young generation especially students in technology-based environment activities, as well as to improve the quality of Green Environmental-based Environmental management,” she explained.

Separately, Vice Rector for Student Affairs UIN Jakarta Prof Dr Yusran Razak MA to UIN News Online said that he appreciates every positive activities done by the students. The initiation of such activities is a proof that the students remain concerned with the state of society in particular, as well as the country in general.

“We hope that the activities undertaken by UIN Jakarta students could make a positive contribution to the wider community,” he hoped.

For information, this talk show presents several expert speakers. They all share knowledge and experience about what Green Technology is, the development of waste management with various technologies, potential and waste utilization, the ability of the use of Green Technology in solving environmental problems, the benefits of Green Technology in managing the environment, what can be done by the students to maintaining the environment with the various technologies, and the latest technology in solving environmental problems. (usa)

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