kelas-kecantikanFITK Theater, UIN News Online  – Student Association of Social Science Education (HMJ PIPS) FITK UIN Jakarta hold training Beauty Class Rules From Wardah and the election of Miss PIPS in the theater room of FITK UIN Jakarta, Tuesday, (11/8). This event was organized by the Student Association of Social Science Education FITK UIN Jakarta in collaboration with Wardah.

The head of HMJ PIPS DwiPuspa Meilani when met by UIN News online explained that this training would give two main training materials, makeup technique and hijab wearing. “We expect his activity can explore the potential of the students,” she said.

Many FITK students are interested to attend this training. Yuni Nur Kamilah, the 3rd-semester student from the Arabic Language Education FITK UIN Jakarta, admitted that she is deeply interested in participating in this training. “It’s fun, and now I know the basic techniques of Muslimah-style beauty makeup.” Said Yuni

At the same time, HMJ PIPS also hold selection for Miss PIPS 2016. As many as 12 participants representing each class will be selected to become Miss PIPS 2016. The winner will become the ambassador for the Social Science Education study program and will be expected to socialize the study program to the public.

Dwi also added, there are some criteria that will be required to determine the candidates if they want to be elected as a Miss PIPS 2016, such as appearances and knowledge. “The winner will be announced at the closing night of the PIPS Social Festival 2016 (11/12) in the Main Auditorium of UIN Jakarta.” She explained. (Yuni Nur Kamilah/ika p/umar)

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