FITK, UIN NEWS Online – English Language Department Student Association (HJM-PBI) UIN Jakarta Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teaching Sciences (FITK) held 2018 English Festival (E-Fest) for students and students in Greater Jakarta and Banten. The annual festival was attended by around 900 participants from various junior and senior high schools and universities.

The 2018 E-Fest themed “Excavating Potential, Creativity, and Courage with Millennials Through the Englis Festival” was held on October 2-10, 2018 at the FITK building. The E-Fest event took place in the marathon from morning to evening in several venues.

According to Chairman of the 2018 E-Fest Committee, Arif Setiawan, the Festival activities competed for at least seven competing eyes, namely Spelling Bee, News Anchor, Story Telling, Speech, Writing, Debate, and Essays. However, for all the competitions not all competitions were followed by each category. In the SMP category, the competing contests were Spelling Bee, News Anchor, Story Telling, and Speech. The high school categories competed were News Anchor, Story Telling, Writing, Debate, and Speech. While the categories of higher education competing contests are Speech, Debate and Essay.

“Because the interest of competition is quite high and there are also many participants, the competition system begins with the preliminary round and then the final round,” he said at the FITK building, Monday (10/08/2018).

Arif further explained, at the junior high school level, participants who registered reached 70 schools with 300 participants, as many as 53 high school levels with 554 participants, and college level as many as 13 colleges with 21 participants.

“The number of participants and representatives of these schools / colleges this year increased compared to last year,” he said.

According to Arif, 2018 E-Fest was held as an annual routine program of HMJ-PBI, and also to encourage participants to be more creative and proficient in English in various fields. There are at least four language skills that can be obtained by participants in each competitions, like reading skills, writing skills, listening skills, and speaking skills. Festival activities, he said, also at the same time to introduce the Jakarta UIN campus to the wider community.

The winners of the competitions will be announced on 10 October 2018. Winners will get prizes in the form of coaching money, trophies, and certificates. (usa)

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