Rectorate, UIN News Online – To actualize the ability of Arabic language as well as to develop the creativity of the nation’s children, HMJ PBA FITK UIN Jakarta will organize Arabic Language Exploration Fair entitled “(Qohwah) Menyatukan Kearifan Nusantara dalam Kompetensi Arabia (Bahasa dan Budaya)”. This event will be held for five days starting on Monday to Saturday (09/25-30), at campus I UIN Jakarta.

To UIN News Online, the event coordinator Linda Astuti said that this event is motivated by the global competition of Asean Economic Community (MEA) and international education scholarship which is a real opportunity to make Arabic Language as an investment as well as realistic asset.

““aLF (al Arobiyyah Lil Funun) is a manifestation of Arabic language as one of the important elements for measuring the progress of a country. Additionally, the existence of aLF can be a means to expand and increasing the knowledge of Arabic language,” said Linda.

The five-day event will feature several events, among them are national seminar with the Minister of Youth and Sports of Indonesia Dr HC H Imam Nahrawi MKp, art performances, several races, “Arabian Warkop” bazaars, carnivals and entertainment that will present some guest stars.

The event is scheduled to be officiated by the Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof Dr Dede Rosyada MA, and will be attended by at least 500 participants consisting of students, lecturers, civitas academica of PBA FITK UIN Jakarta, and invited guests from several campuses in Indonesia. (usa)

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