FITK Building, UIN NEWS Online – Student Association of Islamic Education Department (HMJ-PAI) Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training (FITK) held a mural painting competition for secondary and university students from several cities area of Jabodetabek. The event will be held in FITK building parking lot, Wednesday (10/11/2017), and followed by at least 25 participants.

The mural painting competition themed on education was a series of annual activities of HMJ PAI which was packaged in PAI Creativity Revolution (Rocket). The competitions held not only about art, but it was also included academics and sports. Art competitions include MTQ, mural painting, calligraphy, marawis, and Saman dance. While in academic field included PAI olympiad, polar qira’atul competition, and essay writing. The sports fields include futsal, badminton and basketball.

PAI Rocket Committee staff Fitri Nuraini said the painting competition aimed to develop student’s interest and talent of the art, especially in the field of painting. The participants were representatives of several schools in cities areas of Jabodetabek which have been selected from their respective schools or colleges.

“The mural painting competition is a group competition, not an individual. One team ranges from two to four people, “she said.

She also explained, the theme of education was deliberately set by the committee. The competetion  was being sincronized by institution majors that develop education, and also to provide vivid stimulus for participants so they pay more attention to education.

Mural painting competition was using plywood and wall paint. Each participant free to paint and express thier ideas according to the proposed theme. Various ways they have done in expressing their ideas. Some were preceded by pattern making while some others directly poured the media with paint.

According to her, the winner of this competition will receive award, both in form of coaching fund and certificates and trophies. The championship includes the first, second, and third winners without pointing to category. (usa)

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