SC Hall, UIN NEWS Online— The Qori-Qori’ah Student Association (HIQMA) UIN Jakarta again won the National Quranic Arts Festival (FSQN) 2017, held at UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta.

The competition, which was attended by 34 delegates from all universities in Indonesia, was held for a week, from 26 October to 1 November 2017.

Some of the events won by HIQMA include Musabaqah Hifzil Quran (MHQ) Battle, Musabaqah Tilawah Quran (MTQ) Group, and Musabaqah Syarhil Quran (MSQ).

Based on electronic mail received by UIN Online NEWS was recorded, FSQN 2017 was filled with several events, among others, on October 26 held national dialogue, as well as initiate a series of activities FSQN 2017.

The event, featuring leaders of organizations, politics, and religion. Among them, Prof. Dr. Ni’matul Huda SH M H, KH Abdul Muhaimin, and Dr. KH Malik Madany M A.

Meanwhile, the FSQN 2017 core event was officially opened by UIN Rector Sunan Kalijaga Prof. Yudian Wahyudi MA Ph.D, on Monday (30/10).

When met by NEWS UIN Online team, the HIQMA UIN Jakarta delegate, Husain, said that at the opening of the event was filled with several races that enliven FSQN 2017.

“The UIN Jakarta Team has several prizes, among others, the 1st Winner of Female MTQ Group with four members, among them Isna Wirahmadayanti, Imalatun Nadzimah, Lia Fitria and Ripa Atul Mahmuda,” Husain explained.

Husain added that for the Male MTQ Group won the First Prize, which consists of Firman Al Amin, To’atillah, Windi Hamdani, Fahrul Roji, and Ahmad Rifai.

“As for the third branch, which is MSQ, HIQMA UIN Jakarta stole the Champion of Hope II, which consists of Aulia Devira Yolanda (Pensyarah), Ayu Hanifah (Saritilawah), and Adek Putra Masrianda (Tilawah),” said Husain.

At the end of the interview, do not forget Husain and his friends give thanks for their achievement in the annual event. They hope and will strive to continue to improve his achievements in the arena of the race both nationally and internationally.

“We dedicate this victory to our beloved campus, UIN Jakarta. Hopefully, this achievement becomes a stepping stone for the next race and can bring a more proud achievement, “said Chairman HIQMA UIN Jakarta, Dzulkarnain Lana Saputra. (usa)


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