Bogor, UIN News Online – Chemical Student Association (HIMKA) UIN Jakarta conducts industrial visits to PT. Tirta Fresindo Jaya (Mayora), in Ciherang, Bogor, West Java.

The visit was intended to enable students in applying the knowledge they gained during their college years by conducting various observations or experiments. Additionally, industrial visits are routine annual activities provide the students with business and management knowledges.

The visit, which was attended by at least 60 students and five lecturers, was received directly by the representatives of PT Tirta Fresindo Jaya. On the same occasion, all participants were allowed to know the processing process of one of Mayora’s products, namely The Pucuk Harum and Kopikap.

The products in the production room include Teh Pucuk Harum. The product must go through three stages, including tea extraction, mixing and sterilization. At the extraction and mixing stages there is a process of agitation, circulation, and residence at a temperature of 84-86 ° C.

For information, PT. Tirta Fresindo Jaya is a subsidiary of PT Mayora Indah Tbk which was established on, 1977 with the first factory located in Tangerang. Currently, PT. Mayora Indah Tbk has six divisions, each of which produces different but integrated products. In Indonesia, the company is not only known as a company that produces processed food and beverages, but also known as a market leader who successfully produces product products that are the pioneers in their respective categories. (usa)

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