FISIP, UIN News Online — Student Council of International Relation (HIMAHI) UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta once again have successfully organized International Relations Championship (IRON) entitled “facing the 4th industrial revolution with the breakthrough of youth”, Monday – Tuesday (09/17-18/2018).

According to the head of the IRON 2018 committee Ridho, the theme was chosen because the issue of the 4th industrial revolution is under common discussion. “The aim is to see Indonesian students viewpoint of this phenomenon, whether the 4th industrial revolution needs to be seen as a threat or an opportunity for Indonesia,” said Ridho.

The series of activities in IRON 2018 is slightly different from the previous year’s IRON. IRON 2018 presents national English-language debate competitions and speeches in English. IRON 2018 was attended by participants from various universities in Indonesia. Especially the English speech competition, this time the event attracted participants not only from Jabodetabek, participants from the University of North Sumatra and UPN Yogyakarta were also participated in this event. The participants of the debate competition itself consisted of 12 teams, each team consisting of three people.

The series of IRON 2018 events closed with the announcement of the winners of the competition. The champion for English debate competition is BINUS A team followed by BINUS B team as the runner up. Besides the award to the winning teams, committee also gave awards to the best speaker of the debate participants  which fell to Agnes Isna from BINUS. For tge English speech competition, Jeremy Christian Simanjuntak from STAN PKN won the first place. The second winner was Rahmat Ardiansah Putra from BINUS. Finally, the third winner was Hayuningtyas Aneswari Pujantoro from UIN Jakarta.

This IRON event is expected to be a media for students to develop and train the ability of public speaking and critical thinking. In the future, the committee hopes that the IRON 2018 event can reach even more participants, especially from universities outside Jabodetabek. Hopefully with this event more and more students are encouraged to develop their ability to speak in public. (usa-rs)

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