Academic Building, BERITA UIN Online—UIN Jakarta scheduled the process of re-registration for new students who passed the Selection of Acceptance for New Students (SPMB) Mandiri 2015 will be held from Monday to Friday, August 3-21. Re-registration process which conducted within a few days is divided into groups based on the origin of the faculty.

Thus, data from Schedule for Re-registration of New Students 2015 Group of Undergraduate quoted by BERITA UIN Online, Sunday (2/08/2015). “The following schedule is a schedule for re-registration as a whole, including verification of grades, payment, online data entry, file delivery, health checks, and others,” notes the data.

For new students of Faculty of Teaching and Tarbiyah Studies (FITK), re-registration processes scheduled on Monday-Tuesday (August, 3-4). Further on Wednesday (August 5), the processes are open for new students of Faculty of Adab and Humanities (FAH). On Thursday-Friday (August 6-7), the processes are open for new students of Faculty of Ushuluddin and the Faculty of Sharia and Law.

On the second week, re-registration processes are open for students of Faculty of Dirasat Islamiyah and the Faculty of Da’wa and Communication Studies on Monday-Tuesday (August 10-11). Followed by students of Faculty Psychology and the Faculty of Economics and Business on Wednesday-Thursday (August 12-13).

For new students of Faculty of Science and Technology, the re-registration activities will be conducted on Friday and Tuesday (August 14 and 18). While the re-registration of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Studies scheduled on Wednesday and Thursday (August 19 to 20. Lastly, re-registration for the Faculty of Social and Political Science, conducted on Friday (21 August).

As a note, there are some requirements that must be prepared for re-registration of new students. Among them, Card Trial Participants, Official Photo File with a red background and as applicable, Copy of Diploma or Letter Passed native or original UN outcome, Certificate of Good behavior of School / Police, and the Copy ID / Student Card. (ZM/translated by Indah Putri Mahardika)

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