Madya Meeting Hall, UIN News Online – Health Festival initiated by UIN Jakarta Student Activity Unit (UKM) Volunteer Corps (KSR) today, Tuesday (19/09) was officially opened by Vice Rector for Student Affairs Prof. Dr. Yusron Razak MA Located in the 1st floor of Madya Hall, UIN Jakarta.

On the occasion, Yusron appreciated the implementation of the event. He hopes, this useful activity runs smoothly and is able to attract many participants from UIN Jakarta academic community.

“This activity gives advantages, because by participating, we give full attention to our own health which for most of us, health is consider the main capital in organizing every activity, “said Yusron.

He affirmed, with a health body, every student or member of UIN Jakarta able to follow every teaching-learning activity well. Repeatedly, the condusive situations will bring in bright ideas and achievements that can bring personal success and give UIN Jakarta institution a good name.

“I certainly appreciate this kind of activity because it is able to promote awareness about the importance of health. Specifically I am proud of the students and the committee of KSR. They were able to organize and associated other parties in this activity events, so the event that will lasted for three days ahead able to proceed, “he explained.

As announced previously, the event which was attended by at least 200 people, will be held for three days, start from Tuesday to Thursday (19-21 / 09), at the Student Center Hall (SC) UIN Jakarta. At the event containing health checks, also will be filled with a health seminar that promotes the theme Wipe Out Cervical Cancer and Breast Cancer for a Happy Future.

On a health fair event, there will be examination services of several important components in our body, including fat checking (registration: five thousand rupiah), Bone (five thousand rupiah), Blood Type (eight thousand rupiah), Skin (ten thousand rupiah), Iridology (fifteen thousand rupiah), Uric Acid (fifteen thousand rupiah), Blood Sugar (fifteen thousand rupiah), Cholesterol (twenty thousand rupiah), Bekam (fifty five thousand rupiah), Optical (free), IMT (free ), and Blood Pressure (free), there are also special prices with package.

Health services begin at. 08 a.m. to 17 p.m., in cooperation with several agencies, including Blood Transfusion Unit (UTD) Tangerang City, Blood Transfusion Unit (UTD) South Tangerang, and Blood Transfusion Unit (UTD) Bogor Regency. In addition, the event also collaborated with Herbal Life, Optics Syahid UIN Hospital, Association of Indonesian Herb Medicine (ASPETRI), Fonterra Brains Indonesia Anlene, Jalan Amal and Health and Happiness.

For anyone interested in participating and become the participants in this event series, sign up directly by typing Health Check: (Nama_Instantsi_FKD Cekkes_No. HP_Jenis cek), Blood Donor: (Nama_Instansi_FKD DD_No.HP), and for health seminar registration format by typing (Nama_Instantsi_FKD SK_No.HP). The registration form can be sent to the committee number, 08778920 3344 on behalf of Nabila in  081283984951 (Bayed). Or by directly come to Madya Meeting Hall, 1st floor, UIN Jakarta. (usa)

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