FISIP, UIN News Online – The participants of the UIN Jakarta Community Service (KKN) in 2019 are required to make ISBN books and documentary film as a report on their activities. All reports will be uploaded in UIN Jakarta’s online media so that they can be accessed by the public.

This was said by the Head of PPM UIN Jakarta Kamarusdiana to UIN News Online on Tuesday (07/09/2019). “This is done so that student reports can be accessed by the public, academic community, researchers, and policy makers who are interested in the substance of the report,” he said.

For information, PPM UIN Jakarta coordinates the implementation of Community Service Program for 3700 students of UIN Jakarta which consists of regular KKN Mandiri Program, KKN Kebangsaan in Medan, KKN Bersama in Ternate, and International community services in India, Malaysia and Turkey.

To facilitate the report preparation, PPM UIN Jakarta organizes a community service workshop attended by all KKN participants at FISIP Auditorium, campus II of UIN Jakarta. All reports are expected to describe the uniqueness of each service area, social problems, as well as the contributions of KKN participants. (usa)

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