Main Auditorium, NEWS UIN Online – Community Service Center (PPM) UIN Jakarta held a multimedia workshop. The event which aims to provide knowledge about the technique of documentary filmmaking for UIN Jakarta Student Lecture (KKN) activity, followed by at least 200 students who will joined KKN on July 25th.

Present as the guest speaker on the activitiy which took place on Monday (17/07), Merdi Sofyansyah (Head of News Support SCTV), manager of site, and Dedi Fahrudin (DNK Tv) from FIDK UIN Jakarta.

UIN Online News monitored that the workshop participants seemed enthusiastic to follow the event. In addition, their enthusiasm is seen when many students ask questions to the speakers. The question revolves around making a documentary techniques, aspects that need to be considered in film making, and how documentary films are made to inspire and foster empathy and curiosity of the audience.

Separately, Head of Community Service (PPM) Djaka Badranaya SAg ME to NEWS UIN Online said that the activity was deliberately done in order to provide the knowledge and skills to students in documentary filmmaking. Because, starting last year, students who do KKN in reporting must include a documentary during the implementation of KKN.

“With the film, it is expected to improve the publication of UIN Jakarta student activities, especially during their activities during KKN. besides, with the film, the overall situation of economic conditions, facilities and infrastructure, and the level of education of the society in the KKN sites can be seen, “said Djaka.

Still according to Djaka, with the film, is expected to cultivate empathy for various circles of conditions and needs that must be met by the local community. Because, so far there are still many people who get less attention from the concerned parties.

“The film also contains the state of nature around, which will be accompanied by messages to the audience about how the action to preserve the natural surroundings,” he added.

For info, KKN will be implemented for one month starting from 25 July to 25 August 2017, and will be placed in some villages spread over Banten and Bogor regencies. (usa-rs)

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