Professor Hamid Slimi, Visiting Professor UIN Jakarta from Canadian Centre for Deen Studies

Professor Hamid Slimi, Visiting Professor UIN Jakarta from Canadian Centre for Deen Studies

UIN Jakarta can be the role model for Islamic societies and institutions in modern time, because it can integrate the Islamic principles and scientific values. Said Hamid Slimi, Visiting Professor UIN Jakarta from Canadian Centre for Deen Studies, to UIN News Online, Friday (October 3rd, 2016).

What is your opinion about UIN Jakarta?

The peoples of UIN Jakarta are very helpful and the staffs are very welcoming. For us, it is very crowded environment. But in spite of the fact that you have a very busy city, like Jakarta, Banten, and Ciputat,there is still a peace and educational environment university. Once you come inside the university, it’s like an oasis. The other thing is there is a good appreciation for us, and they are willing to hear our point of view on different things. And as the rector said earlier today, he said he invited us to basically give any constructive criticism or any advice to improve the research and also education in UIN Jakarta.

In your opinion, what is UIN Jakarta academic strength that you see during your visit here?

The attitude of the people is the strength, especially to the foreigners. And they are giving the spirit of Indonesian people who are friendly and nice. The good thing is UIN Jakarta also trying to preserves its identity as Indonesian university.And bywelcoming the international students, itshowsthe willingness and the desire of UIN Jakarta to grow global, and this is the reason why I am here, how I can make UIN reach its level to international standards.

You said that at the last year you give public lectures on the post graduate, how is the response from the students on your lecture?

Their response is very amazing, the first thing was like “Can we have you here to teach?”On the first trip, we were actually a part of Muslim world studies, we bring our students around the world, and one of the countries we had on the list is Indonesia and Malaysia. We came and saw Indonesia, so the students have to write a paperas the part of Muslim world studies and they have to do visit Indonesia. The second trip I came to seek cooperation with some universities, and UIN Jakarta ready to open its arms and welcome the idea of international cooperation. And this is why I was invited to give a lecture. And immediately after the lectures, questions and answers, from the students, researchers, their idea was “Is there a way you can come as a visiting professor?” That’s why I followed up with ProfessorArskal (Prof. Dr. Arskal Salim GP MA, Head of LP2M UIN Jakarta) and MrBaihaky (Rachmat Baihaky MA, Head of International Office).

Do you have any suggestions for further development of UIN Jakarta?

It is too early to give any suggestion, but I will definitely mention few of those things in my report and my paper that I intend to publish here.

In your opinion, what is UIN Jakarta contribution to Islam and the world?

I see the potential some of the things we can do that others haven’t done or they might not thinking of the way. I have some ideas that Indonesia in general and UIN Jakarta specifically can actually show the path to many Muslim societies how to live modern life but a pious life as well. How UIN Jakarta can be an example in balancing the modernity and authenticity. (ika p/usa/rs/zm)

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