FU, UIN News Online – The Faculty of Ushuluddin (FU) UIN Jakarta holds international seminar entitled “Peran Universitas dan Cendekiawan dalam Membangun Peradaban Baru Islam“, Monday (10/28/2019), held at FU theater, campus I of UIN Jakarta.

Moderated by Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs Kusmana, this seminar presents Ali Reza A’rafi, and Azyumardi Azra. Also present in the event, Dean of FU UIN Jakarta Yusuf Rahman.

Yusuh in his remarks said that this seminar aimed to discuss how the role of universities and scholars in building a new Islamic civilization. “I hope all the lecturers and students can perform an active discussion with the speakers here,” he said.

Ali Reza A’rafi in his presentation said, there was a time when Muslims experienced a declining period in history. Some Muslim scholars try to work together to rebuild a new Islamic civilization with their works.

“Some Muslim scholars have tried to work together to rebuild civilization and they have succeeded in building an influential civilization with their creations,” he said.

According to Ali Reza, Iran’s Islamic Revolution since 40 years ago until now has one agenda, namely to build a new civilization with a new methodology and approach. “In order to achieve great civilization, academics are certainly very vital in creating a great civilization,” said Ali Reza.

He also believes that the religion of Islam is a religion of civilization. Islam can build human civilization at the maximum level and regulate its people in all aspects.

Meanwhile, Azyumardi Azra said that Islam strongly supports the scientific development and the progress of civilization based on the Islamic spirit. Islam has experienced its former glory.

However, he added, Islam is experiencing a decline in civilization. There are at least two factors that cause it. First is the never-ending conflict between fellow Muslim communities. The second factor is the persistence of orthodoxy which forbids sciences and empirical sciences.

“At present, there are still Muslims who do not believe that humans can land on the moon. In addition, neo-conservative understandings began to emerge which said that the earth was flat,” said Azra. (usa/yud/zhm)

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