Faculty of Ushuliddin, UIN NEWS Online— Magister Program in Faculty of Ushuluddin held a workshop on strengthening methodology in student research, Saturday-Sunday (09-10/04). This workshop is expected to strengthening the use and comprehension of methodology of magister student research in their final assignment.

The head of Magister Program, Dr Atiyatul Ulya MAg, said, strengthening research methodology among the magister students is highly necessary in order to accelerate their study. “Because we have target for students to finish their study on time,” he explained.

On the occasion, several lecturer and researcher are the speaker for the event. Including, Dr Ismatu Ropi MA, Dr Fuad Jabali MA, Dr Media Zainul Bahri MA, and Dr Yusuf Rahman MA.

Besides explaining research methodology, the speakers also did ‘thesis clinic’ where students consult their thesis writing. With ‘thesis clinic’, students are helped to figure out their methodology weakness and their thesis’ weakness.

Meanwhile, Dean of faculty of Ushuluddin, Prof Dr Masri Mansoer MA, added, his team is targetting quality on magister students’ thesis to be worthy of scientific journal publications. “So their work could be read by the academic community,” he hoped. (Translated by: Ihsan/Amanda)

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