FST, UIN News Online – Chemistry program study of the science and technology faculty UIN Jakarta holds stadium generale entitled “Modifikasi Permukaan Nanopartikel, Kestabilan dan Aplikasinya” held at FST theater room, campus I of UIN Jakarta, Wednesday (04/10/2019).

The event which was officially opened by the Dean of FST UIN Jakarta Lily Surayya Eka Putri presented speaker from the University of Indonesia (UI) who focused on nanoparticles, Yoki Yulizar.

Lily in her remarks appreciated and supported the implementation of this activity. She hopes that participants can listen to the presentation delivered by the speaker.

Yoki Yulizar in his presentation said that direct and indirect observations of liquid interface species were observed. Complexation, complex aggregation, species concentration interface, molecular orientation, ion association, interface reduction, kinetics and interface reaction mechanism, formation, growth, stability, non-engineering of metal particles, oxides, polymers, composites have been carried out. Both by using chemicals and natural chemicals and applied as absorbents, detection systems, catalysts in the colloidal system. Modifiers used are non-metal particles, metal oxides, polymers (natural and synthesis), ligands, and surfactants.

“Modified solid surface (zeolite, bentonite, metal oxide, activated charcoal, polymer, composite) using modifiers of metal particles, metal oxides, polymers (natural and synthesis), ligands, surfactants successfully carried out, and applied as absorbent separation, detection system, catalyst ( photocatalyst, thermal catalyst),” he said.

Based on UIN News Online observation, the studium generale program went smoothly without any obstacles and received high enthusiasm from the participants. This can be seen from the many questions raised by the participants to the speaker.(usa)

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