FST, UIN NEWS Online— The Science and Technology Faculty (FST) Agribusiness Study Program of UIN Jakarta held a workshop with the theme of “Pengembangan Muatan Kewirausahaan pada Kurikulum Program Studi Agribisnis” on Monday (10/22/2018), in FST Meeting Room, Campus I of UIN Jakarta.

The event began at 08.00-16.00 WIB, and opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology Dr. Agus Salim MSi, and was accompanied by the Chairman of the Agribusiness Study Program Dr. Edmon Daris MS.

In his speech, the dean appreciated the implementation of the event, he hoped the event was able to foster a spirit of entrepreneurship and find constructive ideas for business development today.

“Hopefully this event will provide fresh air while finding bright ideas to be able to develop entrepreneurship among students and alumni of this study program. Please follow and watch carefully, so this sharing session will yield useful results,” said Agus while opening the event.

Present at the lively event, alumni who have been involved in the world of entrepreneurship, at the same time provide input on the entrepreneurial curriculum to be even better. The alumni include Eva Tristianto who is an entrepreneur in the Floriculture sector with a turnover of over 1 Billion / Month and Johan Setiawan who is an entrepreneur in the culinary field with a turnover of over 100 Million / month.

Eva Tristianto in his presentation said, the Agribusiness Study Program curriculum should be given from the beginning of the semester and continued in the next semester with courses that support entrepreneurship.

“Like financial management in entrepreneurship, production economics and others. Moreover, there must be special courses that teach the development of entrepreneurial character in order to foster a spirit of entrepreneurship and strong entrepreneurs, “Eva said.’

This was agreed by Johan, he emphasized that in order to support entrepreneurial interest, the Study Program could provide alternative choices for students who are street vendors / interns with the concept of entrepreneurship. Where students can provide business plans instead of PKL proposals and exposure to entrepreneurial products at the PKL results seminar.

From the monitoring of the UIN Online NEWS team in the location it was seen, the workshop went warm and communicative, some input from the participants was responded by the Secretary of the Agribusiness Study Program Dr. Iwan Aminudin MSi, and according to him would be followed up, especially regarding the agribusiness incubator.

“Regarding business incubators, the study program actually agrees and will immediately follow up facilitate this, it should be taken into realization this year at the very least and we will give authority to students in its management,” he said. (usa-rs)

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