Ciputat, UIN NEWS Online – Students of Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) UIN Jakarta who incorporated in Wahana Indonesia Prestasi (WIP) community members held a Ramadan Road Show themed “Nuclear is Good”, Sunday (18/6/17) at Ar-Rahman Mosque, Rempoa, and Al-Itihad Mosque, Cirendeu, with children as participants in age range between 3-6 years old.

The event was held in cooperation with the Nuclear Power Agency (BATAN) with the aim of introducing and providing education to children that nuclear is good and it can provide benefits for life. “Other than that, this activity aims to build up children creativity, particularly in the environment field,” said Sarwandi, one of the organizer students.

According to him, there is a false assumption about scary things on nuclear, but with the good use of technology, nuclear can be a good thing that can be utilized into good way. “This activity seeks to introduce nuclear to children from an early age, so that children know the benefits of nuclear, and it is hoped that it can change the mindset of children to always keep the environment save and clean and feel proud to be Indonesian children,” he added.

Sarwandi’s partner, Ahmad Rizal who was appointed to preside over the event, explained that the activities were filled by giving a number of nuclear-themed activities to children such as drawing, coloring, and story telling competitions. “From these activities, it is expected that children able to sharpen their own potential and creativity, so that they become smarter and more critical children,” he explained. (usa-im)

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