Diorama, UIN NEWS Online— Scientific journal leaders and management of Faculty of Science and Technology Islamic State Religious Higher Education (PTKIN) organized Journal Management on Science and Science Education Workshop at Diorama Room, UIN Jakarta, Monday (17/04/2017). The Workshop themed “Penguatan Kolaborasi Paper Lintas Jurnal Terindeks” is expected to enhance the performance and publishing quality of natural science field in FST PTKIN environment.

The workshop was opened by the Head of Cooperation Bureau on Natural Science Field of State Higher Education Institution Regional West Indonesia Dr Teuku M. Iqbalsyah M.Sc and Head of Faculty of Science and Technology Dean of Islamic State Religious Higher Education Forum Dr Agus Salim M.Si. The Workshop was attended by dean of all 17 FST PTKIN in west Indonesia and 70 members of editorial board of journal managers of each respective PTKIN.

In his remarks, Teuku said that the management of science and technology journal needs to be in the conscience of all civitas academica from related field. This needed so that the journal publication can be done regularly and with high quality.

 “The problem often occurred is the managers’ difficulty to publish the journal regularly, so the publishing continuity also disturbed,” he said.

According to Teuku, the existence of science journal in a university is crucial. Because through journal, new findings of science can be published and discussed with academician-researcher from various university.

In the same opportunity, Agus added that all FST in PTKIN environment realized the importance of well-managed journal. So, the lecture-researcher feels challenged to continue the research and published them in scientific journals.

“On this occasion, we will discuss various problem faced on publishing science journals in PTKIN environment,” he added.

Dozens of FST PTKIN dean also attended this workshop. Amongst them is from UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang, UIN Sunan Ampel, UIN Sunan Kalijaga, UIN Alauddin Makasar, UIN Sultan Syarif Qasim, UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung, UIN Arraniri Aceh, UIN Walisongo Semarang, and UIN North Sumatera. (usa)

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