FST, UIN News Online – Biology Study Program, Faculty of Science and Technology (FST), staged a general stage on Biomaterials with Nano Technology. The event took place on Wednesday (03/14/2018) at the 2nd floor theater room of FST UIN Jakarta.

Stadium moderated by Prof. Lily Surayya Eka Putri MEnv stud, presenting experts who came from the National Nuclear Power Agency (BATAN), namely Drs Sulistioso Giat Sukaryo MT and Dr. Setyo Purwanto.

The event was attended by at least 200 participants, opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology UIN Jakarta Dr. H. Agus Salim MSi, and attended by all lecturers and students of FST as well as students from other faculties.

Approximately two hours, the speakers explained various things related to the theme being carried. It appears that all the participants are very enthusiastic to attend the event. This is seen, from the liveliness of the participants to ask some questions in the session Question and answer the event.

One of participants, Amir to UIN NEWS Online said he gained new knowledge that is not a bit about the theme carried in the stadium. There are a number of questions that have been claimed he has not received an answer, and at the event the question has been blocked missed already.

“I am grateful to be able to attend this general stadium event. Many big question marks in my mind have been answered at the event, “he said. (usa-rs)

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